Staff Material

I am a Holy Ghost filled Christian and minister.
My calling is to go into all the world
To take the gospel 
And make disciples

My calling is sure
My challenge is big
My mission is clear
My desire is strong
My influence is eternal
My impact is crucial
My values are solid
My faith is tough
My mission is urgent
My purpose is unmistakable
My direction is forward
My heart is genuine
My strength is supernatural
My reward is promised
And my God is real!

In a world of cynicism I offer hope

In a world of confusion I offer truth

In a world of immorality I offer values

In a world of neglect I offer attention

In a world of abuse I offer safety

In a world of ridicule I offer affirmation

In a world of division I offer reconciliation

In a world of bitterness I offer forgiveness

In a world of sin I offer salvation

In a world of hate I offer God's love

I REFUSE to be: 
Discouraged or

I will NOT:
Look back
Stand back
Fall back
Go back or
Sit back

I do NOT need: 
Praise or

I do NOT have time for: 
Business as usual
Mediocre standards
Small thinking
Outdated methods
Normal expectations
Average results
Negative ideas
Petty disputes or
Low vision

I will NOT: 
Give up
Give in
Lie down
Quit or

I will pray when things look bad
I will pray when things look good
I will move forward when others stand still 
I will trust God when obstacles arise
I will work when the task is overwhelming
I will get up when I fall down

My calling is to reach Souls For Jesus

Too serious to be taken lightly
Too urgent to be postponed
Too vital to be ignored
Too relevant to be overlooked
Too significant to be trivialized
Too eternal to be fleeting &
Too passionate to be quenched

I know my mission
I know my challenge
I know my limitations
I know my weaknesses
I know my fears
I know my problems
But I know my Savior!

Let others get the praise
Let others seek positions if they may
Let the church get the blessing
Let dying souls get life
AND Let God get the glory!!!

I am a Christian servant
I strive to be obedient to my Savior
I reach to fulfill His commission

I am a minister for my Savior
I minister to His people
I pray & reach for His lost sheep
This is who I AM
This is what I Do!

Let me do it with every ounce

of energy left in me!!!