What is Family Life Church?

First, what it is not, Family Life Church is not the voice of man’s religion. It is the voice of the early church. Indeed, the word Pentecost is chosen because the church was born on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). Thus, Family Life Church is not the voice of religion, but rather the voice of God to the early church and our generation as well. We are linked to the early church. We have aspirations to be like the original church. We do not have desires to mimic churches started by man, but rather we have intentions of being today what God desired the church to be in the beginning.

What does the “voice” proclaim? Family Life Church proclaims salvation. The plan of salvation is clearly summarized in Acts 2:38, the unique opportunity for men and women to participate in Christ’s death (repentance), burial (baptism), and resurrection (receiving the Holy Spirit).

Family Life Church proclaims the identity and nature of God. Old and New Testament Scriptures clearly proclaim that our God is one and Jesus is His name.

Family Life Church proclaims that we have the opportunity to fulfill the whole law by obeying Christ’s command to love God and our neighbor as ourself.

Family Life Church proclaims that faith, hope, and love still abide. Our world is in dire need of these three essentials, and Family Life Church is proud to offer them.

Family Life Church proclaims that God’s grace and mercy are continuously available. We are not a judgmental people but rather a merciful people. If we err, we prefer to err on the side of mercy rather than judgment.

Family Life Church proclaims that we must major on the majors and not the minors. We are not a weak, compromising church to do so. We refuse to constantly rail against and bash people. The church is a place of refuge, not a war zone. The sum total of what we are is determined not by what we are against, but what we are for. The more of Christ and His character that we obtain, the less worldly we become. If we simply deplore worldliness without exalting Christ, people become mere robots, adhering to things they really do not understand. Falling in love with Jesus, however, opens our eyes to a divine character we wish to imitate.

Family Life Church proclaims that you are welcome in our assembly. You will feel the warmth of God’s presence and the gentle embrace of a loving people. All are welcome, regardless of background, race, nationality, or any other manmade division. We are made one through His precious blood.

Family Life Church proclaims that if the world has left you destitute and lonely, you can find healing and salvation here. We are here for you. Come and see us soon!


What We Value

You Will Find
Inspirational and Relevant Messages
Quality Instruction for Every Age
Ministry to the Whole person
Tools to Enhance Relationships
Involvement for Everyone

We Are Committed to
Preaching and Teaching of God’s Word
Miraculous Work of the Holy Spirit
Sincere, Heartfelt Worship
Building of Relationships and Families
Mutual Love, Friendship, and Fellowship
Godly Values, Lifestyle, and Witness

You Can Receive
Forgiveness of Sin
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Physical & Emotional Healing
Divine Supply of Needs
Restoration of Relationships
Love, Joy & Peace
Power to Live for God
Abundant Life