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Cary & Mary Baskin

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Rev. Cary Baskin is the founding pastor and bishop of Family Life Church and is an licensed minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He and his family started and founded the work with the first service being held on Sunday, April 18, 2010. He has brought his unique vision and heart of grace to a broken congregation, lifting them up with his heartfelt, loving ministry of grace and new beginnings. Under his ministry, Family Life Church has become a refuge and healing station for all.

Pastor Cary Baskin was born on October 20, 1968. He graduated from Christian Academy in 1987. Before graduating, he became involved in the family business. Upon graduating, he entered full time into the family business. He remained very active in most facets of church work from youth ministry, music, teaching Bible studies and many other aspects of church involvement thru the years.

The family business grew and in 2004, the business was sold to allow him to follow more fully the call to full-time ministry. In 2008, he, his wife Mary and their four children Brittany, Trey, Elizabeth and Conner, moved to Round Rock, Texas to start a new church. The church launch was very successful and was handed off to another ministry couple after becoming established. The work continues successfully today.

They then moved back to their hometown of Livingston, Texas and started Family Life Church, which has seen steady growth and the hand of the Lord upon the work in a wonderful way for which they are thankful.

Pastor Baskin has completed many modules of studies through Christian Life College and is a certified financial planner.  He has been involved in many business dealings including serving as President of Baskin’s Department Stores, Inc. leading in general management of the chain, overseeing implementation of Point of Sale computer systems, new store openings, overseeing millions of dollars worth of annual purchases, marketing strategy and many other functions in the business.

He has much experience in commercial and residential real estate, business startups, real estate and business investments and financial planning thru his company C&M Baskin Investments, LLC.  He has also founded Vision 4 Growth which is a non-profit, 501c3 entity thru which he and others contribute funds to be used for church planting and the work of God's kingdom.

While having extensive experience in the business world, his passion for God and God's work lead him to moving into full-time ministry. He enjoys ministering to people, being a part of their growth in the Lord and witnessing the power of the preached Word of God changing and blessing their lives.  He also enjoys working with people on practical ways to enhance their personal lives thru household budgeting and retirement planning. 

Pastor Baskin is thankful for his lovely and dedicated wife Mary as well as his four children Brit, Trey, Elizabeth and Conner. 

  June 2021