Student Pastors

Curtis & Jeni Hermes


Curtis and Jeni were both born and raised in Livingston, Texas. Curtis is a 2002 graduate of Livingston High School and Jeni graduated from Livingston Christian Academy in 2006. Curtis and Jeni have known each other their entire lives, and began to date in 2005, which later ended up in marriage in October of 2006. Curtis and Jeni have been blessed with three beautiful children, Grayson, Graci, and Gentri, and they all reside in Livingston, Texas.


After being abandoned by his biological mother as a young child, Curtis had a very troubled time during his youth. At the age of twenty-one, he gave his life to God and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Since growing in the Lord, Curtis has developed a passion and burden for students and young adults. His desire is to help students and young adults grow deeper in the things of God and avoid the troubles that plagued him in his youth. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering in local non-profit sport associations, camping, and spending time with his family.


Jeni is a fourth generation Apostolic, who has walked with the Lord her entire life. Jeni has been strongly involved in music since a very young child, when her father made her sing her first solo at church around the age of eight years old. She enjoys helping the youth choir learn to develop their musical and vocal abilities. Jeni wants nothing more than to see many students and young adults live a life pleasing to the Lord and one day all go to Heaven together. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spa days, camping, and quality time with her family and dogs, Lexi and Rip.


Curtis and Jeni consider it an honor to be able to work so closely with the students and young adults of Family Life Church and are eager to see more young people come to Christ and dedicate their lives to Jesus.



  July 2021